Chris & June Stickland Award

Volunteer of the Year First Introduced and awarded in 2004 this award is to recognise the work and effort by club volunteers that have contributed what is considered to be above and beyond their expected duties to the off field and or administration duties within the club operations.
Season Name Season Name Season Name
2004 Bill Bunting 2010 Graham Kuhl 2016 Michelle Burns
2005 Renae Stickland 2011 David Stokes 2017 Peter Barile
2006 John Bunn snr 2012 Dean Howlett 2018 Marcus Thompson
2007 Brett Driscoll 2013 Mark Faithfull 2019 Glenn Williams
2008 Michael Healey 2014 Brad Johnson 2020 Michelle Burns
2009 Peter Hayter 2015 Greg McFarlane 2020 Greg McFarlane