Insurance Information


Perth Football League insurances are with Marsh under a ‘whole of football’ policy with the WA Football Commission.

You can make a claim from the Home Page of this Website. Personal accident insurance:

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Certificate of Currency

Insurance cover is from 1 November to 31 October.


A portion of a club’s annual affiliation fee pays the Perth Football League insurance premium.

Match Day Checklist – Marsh APP

The checklist is a pre-game inspection tool that helps to identify safety concerns and record them. It must be completed before the first match of the day or if conditions change.

The mobile App is available for free download at the Apple App storeandGoogle Play.

SUMMARY – Perth Football League INSURANCES

For full details on cover, please  Please note there is an excess for all claims.

  1. Public Liability Cover
  2. Club Management Liability Cover

    This cover extends only to all incorporated Australian Football Clubs and Associations/Leagues of each State and Territory. Other created entities, being Sports Clubs with several different sports/recreation activities, will not be covered for claims under the Management Liability (Forefront) policy.

  3. Personal Injury (Base cover - Bronze lebel)

    Marsh Personal Injury Cover

    • Is not private health cover.
    • Is not Workers' compensation cover
    • Will not provide a full rebate on injury mangement
    • Does not cover for Loss of Income
    • Injury Costs & Management

  4. Quad/Para cover

    Marsh cover clubs for capital benefits up to $1,000,000.

  5. Loss of Income cover

    No Loss of Income cover is provided by the Perth Football League's insurance.

    • Whitford Amateur Football Club encourages all players to investigate and hold Loss of Income cover if their personal situation warrants.

Private Health Cover

Marsh Personal Insurance for injury cover is not a replacement for private health cover.

  • The Perth Football League and the Whitford Amateur Football Club encourages all players to have private health cover.